Auxiliary Filtration


Carbon Dioxide System-These allow the precision aquarist an advantage by being able to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the aquarium.  This directly affects the buffering system, and allows the aquarist to regulate aquarium parameters such as pH.



Ultraviolet Sterilizer-Very effective filtration devices for purifying the water, and keeping it bacteria and  parasite-free.  Water is passed through a tubular filter body., which is then exposed to  ultraviolet light.  This filter kills a variety of free floating fungi, bacteria, and protozoan.  The bulbs have a life of about a year.  Filter efficacy greatly diminishes with the age of the bulb.


Reverse Osmosis -And other water purifying filters are used by aquarists who have very high demands for water quality.  These filters supply a convenient, and constant water supply, and can be hooked up to most aquariums, and filters via a float valve.  Some RO filters like this one pictured also have an optional deionizing filter for reef applications.


Foam Fractionization-Also referred to as protein foam skimming.  Used primarily in saltwater applications, but infrequently also effectively used in freshwater applications.  Usually, these filters  are tall and columnar in shape.  The principle here is to pump water and tiny air bubbles into the column.  This air/water contact time allows the toxins to bind to the unstable oxygen molecules,  and form a scummy foam.  This foam contains many bad, (and sometimes good) elements from the aquarium water.  Also considered a chemical filtration device. Protein Skimming is an efficient form of toxin removal, and a must for most reef tanks.


Ozone Generator-Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen, and breaks down liquid waste products quickly, and efficiently.  O3 is often used via protein skimmers or reactors.  Care needs to be used in injecting O3, so that residual ozone does not accumulate in the aquarium.  Water should be filtered through activated carbon to remove residual ozone. 

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